The Right Lake Tahoe Wedding Reception Location

The Right Lake Tahoe Wedding Reception Location

One of the of the first things you’ll think about after you’ve gotten engaged. The Right Lake Tahoe Wedding Reception Location.

The Right Lake Tahoe Wedding Reception LocationOnce you find the perfect Lake Tahoe wedding reception location, the rest of your wedding details  should fall right into place. What  should  you look for in your Lake Tahoe wedding reception site? We have a few helpful hints that you should keep in mind.

Before we start you on our tips, be sure to check out our Lake Tahoe Wedding Venue’s section. We are not only adding location all the time, but we are speaking with several venue’s to have them list their location on our site. You should find some great locations in this section.


Now, on to The Right Lake Tahoe Wedding Reception Location…


Plenty of Room

This is an obvious, but make sure the room or grounds are large enough to accommodate the number of people on your guest list. Many times, spaces in Lake Tahoe look massive when it’s empty, so think about the wedding essentials filling up the space – tables, chairs, food tables, a bar, band or DJ setup, dance floor – these things can take up a lot of space. Not to mention your guests are going to want a little room for themselves. You’re going to want to pay attention to the size even if you’re planning a Lake Tahoe Beach Wedding or outdoor wedding in one of our beautiful parks.

Eating, Dancing, Bar Areas

You want to plan logical places within your space where your guests can eat, drink, talk and dance. When you’re looking at your space, try real hard to in vision where each of these activities would happen. Many times, you can ask the location managers if they have any photos of large crowds that have utilized the space you’re about to rent. Viewing a photo, could help you in vision the space. Again, it could help! Don’t rely on the photo 100%. If your reception is in a cramped space, you and you’re guests are not going to have a good time.


Privacy in Lake Tahoe Wedding Reception Locations varies widely from place to place. If you’ve chosen a daytime event is a public spot, such as one of our parks or beaches, be prepared for tourists to walk past your party. If this works for you, go ahead and book your beach or park location. If not, you’re going to want to opt for a lawn on a private estate, a golf course, or one of our several indoor locations that are offered in Lake Tahoe.

A Great Lake Tahoe View

This is easy for Lake Tahoe, especially if your having an outdoor wedding. Every shore in Lake Tahoe offers that million dollar view. But what if you’re choosing an indoor wedding? You’ll have to ask yourself ‘what will our guest’s see when they walk in the room?’ Do you want them walking into a dark place, a well lighted place with window views, a place with fine art on the walls, and decorated to the hilt? Investigate every location to assist in finding The Right Lake Tahoe Wedding Reception Location.

Plenty of Parking

Most places around Lake Tahoe will offer plenty of parking options however, some locations are limited by either city regulations, TRPA regulations, or Save Lake Tahoe regulations. As you can see, Lake Tahoe does have it’s share of governing boards to help protect the lake. Make sure the site you’re looking at offers plenty of parking options. If you find that parking is a problem, you’ll have to look for other ways to get everyone to your reception. Of course parking may not be a deal breaker for you, but it may mean spending more time and money to figure out a viable transportation alternative. You can search transportation options over on Everything Tahoe (

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