Spring Weddings in Lake Tahoe

Spring Weddings in Lake Tahoe

Spring in Lake Tahoe: Tahoe Planning Tips

Spring is right around the corner (well depending on when your reading this) and nothing compares to Spring time in Lake Tahoe. With the weather warming up, the blooming flowers, wildlife and our famous Lake Tahoe Blue Bird Days! At Lake Tahoe Wedding Guide we have gathered a few tips to help you plan the perfect Spring Wedding in Lake Tahoe.

Start Planning in April

The old saying of “April Showers Bring May Flowers” is true – but in some cases, Lake Tahoe can get a lot of snow in April. It all depends on Mother Natures mood. Planning in April will give you just enough time for a end of April start of May wedding in Lake Tahoe.

A lot of Colors During Spring Time

Use our Spring backdrop of colors to blend with your wedding colors. Try pairing pastels with contrasting colors. For example, our deep blue sky blends well with brown, pink and lavender. If pastels are not your color scheme. Try bright, vibrant, bold colors are also great choices for a Spring time wedding in Lake Tahoe.

Reception Sites

Our reception sites are just opening for season. This means you will have the choice of several parks, lake front weddings, beaches and more. Just be sure to pick the right location for you and your wedding guests. Some guests might not be able to make a waterfall wedding at Emerald Bay, but can make a reception at Tahoe Paradise Park. Don’t forget that the higher in elevation you go, it’s a good chance that you will still have some snow on the ground.

Evening Lighting

Planning a evening outdoor reception? Instead of the bright lights of portable lighting, try adding just a few of the portable lights around the outside and use candles as center pieces and sting white rope lights above the dinner location and dance location