Rustic Wedding Ideas with Tahoe Pine Works

Rustic Wedding Ideas with Tahoe Pine Works

Rustic Wedding Ideas with Tahoe Pine WorksRustic Wedding Ideas with Tahoe Pine Works. If you’re thinking about getting hitched in Lake Tahoe or any other location, Tahoe Pine Works custom rustic decor will definitely add some charm and class to your rustic inspired wedding! All it takes is a little inspiration with their products and a few minutes on the phone with Tahoe Pine Works to come up with some great custom ideas. Bring in your rustic swag with their metal power coated ideas, that are going to last a lifetime. These are some of the ideas Lake Tahoe Wedding Guide has come up with using their products. Again, keep in mind that every item is custom made to fit your needs and if you don’t see a item or have another idea, just let them know hand their laser cutters get to work!



Tahoe Pine Works of South Lake TahoeThe Tahoe Pine Works door knob covers. We thought up some super cool ideas with these metal door knob covers that come in their black matte and rust powder coat finishes. You do have the option of several designs with these items from rustic wildlife decor, fishing, nature items, and of course you can contact them for a custom design. They are the perfect size for over-sized napkins acting as a napkin ring for your reception dinner. Take it a step further to have your names and date engraved as they also double as the perfect gift for your guests. You can find these items by clicking here.


Business card holders, hey…we did say creativity right? These business card holders come in several options and will work perfect for place card holders for a group table or place one at each seat with your guests name tag. Again, this will double as a perfect take home souvenir especially if you have professionals attending your wedding!


Door Toppers. Coming in at Measures 34″ wide and 13-1/2″ tall or you can choose a custom size as well as several designs are perfect for any archway welcoming your guests to your wedding ceremony. Available in their powder coat black matte or rust finish and it is rated excellent for use outside or inside. Take this home after and hang it in your home or outside in the back yard.


Just remember that rustic weddings or barn weddings are growing in popularity. You don’t have to hold your wedding in the mountains or in barn when it comes to Rustic Wedding Ideas with Tahoe Pine Works! Feel free to give them a call at 530-314-9712 to create something special with their staff or visit their official website at



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