Money Saving Reception Ideas

Money Saving Reception Ideas

Having your reception in Lake Tahoe does not have to break the bank. If you’re looking to save a little and still have a fabulous celebration. Check out some of these wedding reception ideas that are fun to incorporate into your wedding reception planning.

Lake Tahoe Barbecue! Your guests will love to celebrate your wedding with this fun party. Choose a park location for a casual reception with traditional grill itemsĀ  including ribs, chicken and potato salad or dress up your reception at a beach location and grill up tenderloin, and chicken kabobs. Many locations in Lake Tahoe also offer fire pits, so consider preparing s’mores for dessert!

Do you and your groom have a sweet tooth? If so, what about a dessert reception? Have your reception after hours and offer up high-quality desserts paired with a nice wine. Perhaps some cherries jubilee, bananas foster or crepes station. Your guests will enjoy the late reception, after spending a beautiful day in Lake Tahoe. Just make sure you let your guests know that your after hours reception will be dessert only.

Are you early risers? Don’t over look celebrating your special day with a breakfast reception. Traditional breakfast items can be used at breakfast stations…omelet station or pancake station. Dress up your oatmeal as a creame brulee. Off mimosas and kir royals or have a bloody Mary station.

Mexican Fiestas are popular in Lake Tahoe. A nice Mariachi Band or Flamenco guitar at the beach will likely get your guests on their feet, right to the dance floor. Offer cocktails and a salsa and guacamole bar. Offer cooked shrimp, red pepper, chopped cucumber, chopped tomato, chopped onion, diced chicken and tomatillos to customize your guacamole. Your entrees can include traditional Mexican favorites.

Picnics in the park. Tahoe Paradise park is a wonderful backdrop for a picnic. Fill up decorated picnic baskets with breads, cheese, fruit and a bottle of wine per couple. Also include a checkered blanket and have them layout on the lawn. Music can also be included with a harpist or string quartet to add to the mood. You’ve just created your own concert in the park. As an added bonus, let your guests keep the picnic basket as wedding favor, if decorated.

When it comes to saving on your reception remember the following, breakfast costs less than brunch or lunch, and dinner is typically the most costly. Either way you choose, the most important aspect is that everyone has a great time!