Handmade Paper Flowers for Weddings

Handmade Paper Flowers for Weddings

Handmade Paper Flowers for WeddingsYes, Handmade Paper Flowers for Weddings. Our first thought….Awesome Sauce! No, really. Think about it for a second or two or maybe three. Handmade Paper Flowers are going to last a lot longer Vs. real flowers. Yes, real flowers are just as nice and they smell great too. But when you look at these paper flowers made by Lisa Centoni the owner of Paper Stems, you can’t tell if these flowers are real or paper!

Just think. You can save these flowers for a lifetime, of course, carefully! And pass them onto generations.

Paper Stems is a paper flower design studio that is based out of Oakland, California so for those Bay Area brides planning a Lake Tahoe Wedding! You can order these and travel with them or even ask Lisa  if she will bring them or even make them in Lake Tahoe.

The paper flowers Lisa creates are not only designed for weddings, she creates for baby showers, birthdays, anniversaries as well as home interiors, retail stores, and nurseries. They can be shipped nationally and depending on location, she can deliver and install.

All of the flowers from the Paper Stems workshop are handmade by Lisa. She chooses the finest of paper to create her flowers. She has always had a love of flowers and paper products. Bringing her two favorite elements to create paper flowers is her passion. Paper Stems can create paper flowers in an array of styles, sizes and colors. Additional embellishment can be added such as crystals, and monograms. Paper flowers for bridal parties, table decor and wedding cakes are also available!

So how can you use Handmade Paper Flowers for Weddings?

Start thinking garlands, flower walls, arches and individual flowers, and much more. Since Lisa starts the creation of these paper flowers months before your special day, she can work with you to match your aesthetics.

For more information on Paper Stems Handmade Paper Flowers please visit Handmade Flowers by Paper Stems or call (415) 218-9582.



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