Dispute a Review on Lake Tahoe Wedding Guide

How do I Dispute a Review on Lake Tahoe Wedding Guide?


If you feel a review you’ve received on your LakeTahoeWeddingGuide listing is fraudulent, you can let us know by emailing us at support@laketahoeweddingguide.com

Please note some of these reasons LakeTahoeWeddingGuide will consider removing a review:

  • You’ve never conducted business with the person leaving the review
  • The review contains profane, vulgar, racist, or adult material
  • A court ruling has been issued to remove the review
  • Contains personally identifiable information such as your address, date of birth, personal non-business phone numbers or emails, etc.
  • Duplicate of another review on another review website or our website

If your dispute does not fall under one of the above reasons, please consider writing a ‘response’ to the review instead. You can read our tips on responding to negative reviews at this link.