Choosing a Lake Tahoe Wedding Photographer

Choosing a Lake Tahoe Wedding Photographer for your destination wedding can be difficult. Lake Tahoe is packed with thousands upon thousands of photographers. Some specialize in weddings, some specialize in nature shots and some specialize in portraits and of course, some just own a digital camera. These questions will help you to sort through the photographer choice process.

1. How long have you been in business?

Every photographer has a start day of their professional career. Event the best Lake Tahoe photographers had to get their start someplace. A photographer that has shot several weddings in Lake Tahoe has come across thousands of unique circumstances during his or her career, from weather issues to family wedding day drama to deadlines and several other options. So when choosing a photographer for your big day. Make sure you investigate the experience level and history of the photographers business. Having a pro will make your wedding day run much smoother.

2. What is the photographers primary style?

This is a big question to ask. Do you want a photographer that splits his or her time shooting weddings 50% of the time and the other time is spent shooting Lake Tahoe backdrops or skiing shots? Or would you prefer a photographer that specializes in wedding day photos? So make sure you ask what their primary style is.

3. Check your contracts

A professional photographer will provide a contract that will cover all services offered for your wedding. Read your contract and make sure what was promised to you is included in the contract. If you’re dealing with a photographer that does not offer a contract listing their services, you might want to continue shopping around – or, If you still want to use them, ask them to create a contract for you.

4. How many photographers will be at my wedding?

If you’re having a large wedding of 50+ guests, you should ask them if they will have two photographers. This way you don’t miss anything during your wedding. Many photographers will offer 2 photographers at large weddings so make sure you ask. Also ask about additional charges for the 2nd photographer or if a 2nd is included in the package.

5. Have you photographed our venue before?

It’s a good chance that you professional photographer as worked your venue of choice, but you still want to ask. Also keep in-mind that if your photographer has worked the venue before, it’s a good chance that they will take the photos at the venue they are used to taking. So, get a little personal and ask them to go outside the box and use other locations at your venue for photographs.

6. Do they do a walk-through with you the day before your wedding?

Ask if they will walk-though the venue the day before with you. This will allow you to hear the ideas your photographer has and of course it’s also a perfect time for you to come up with your own ideas. If they don’t walk through, it does not mean it’s a deal breaker.

7. Do you have a wedding day timeline?

Most brides and grooms don’t have a schedule during their wedding day. They are busy visiting and having fun. See if your photographer has a time period of when he or she will photograph family, parents, first dance, cake cutting, etc. You’ll be surprised to know that a lot of Lake Tahoe photographers are almost like wedding planners. They know the perfect times for everything and the best times of days for photos.

8. Are the images edited or touched up?

Will they take out any blemishes or are they just going to give the photos they have? Discuss their editing techniques with your photographer and look at before and after photos of past weddings.

9. If my wedding runs over, will you stay? What’s the extra charge?

Knowing up front your photographers policy on overages is crucial. You don’t want any surprises when you see the bill.

10. Who is going to shoot my wedding?

Just because you’re talking with the photographer over the phone, does not mean they will be the ones shooting the wedding. Find out if it will be them or are they going to send a staff member in their place.

11. When will I be able to see my photos?

A good photographer will have a rough album ready for you to view inside of 5 days after your wedding. Many times this will be online. Now, if the photographer goes over 5 days, no need to worry, they are busy people. If you see nothing inside of 7 days, it’s time to pickup the phone.