Affiliate and Advertising Disclosure

Affiliate and Advertising Disclosure

Lake Tahoe Wedding Guide (

On occasion our website lists affiliate marketing material, known as 3rd party links, and offers monthly ad placements. Below you will find our disclosure for each.

Affiliate Marketing Ads

Lake Tahoe Wedding Guide has partnerships with 3rd party companies that allow us to place “affiliate” ads on our website. These ads include; My Wedding Favors, Invitation in a Bottle, Weddingstar, to name a few. Although our commissions from these “affiliates” are small, they do help us maintain our website in the form of web hosting, design services and marketing. At any time we may rotate these ads and replace them with different ads that we feel will delivery a quality service to our users. Our users will see these ads located on the right side of our website and in some cases used as links or banners.

Google Adwords

Lake Tahoe Wedding Guide participates in the Google Adwords program. Like affiliate ads, Google Adwords ads pays us a commission when these ads are clicked on. These ads are random ads and display ads that are based off of your searches. To learn more about these ads, you can visit our privacy policy which also lists information on how to opt out of these ads. This will be listed under 3rd Party Ad-Networks.

Lake Tahoe Wedding Guide Blog

Lake Tahoe Wedding Guides blog does include blogs known as “guest blogs” these blogs will be listed under the category of “guest blogs” and will be clearly marked at the end of the blog with a disclosure. We are paid a small commission on any links in these “guest blogs” if you click on them or purchase anything from these links.

Blogs in our other categories are done to deliver you information on Lake Tahoe Weddings. We are NOT paid a commission on these blogs as they are done by our staff members as a service to you. However, if we do list to a product or service in the blog…we will clearly note at the end of the blog that we have linked to a affiliate of ours and we will receive a commission if you utilize their service or purchase their product.

Location Listings and Business Listings

Lake Tahoe Wedding Guide offers two types of listings on our website. These listings are as follows:

  1. Paid Featured Listings: Lake Tahoe Wedding Guide is paid monthly by the business to have a featured listing our website. Featured listings are placed above any free listing and are “featured” as a service to use.
  2. Free Listings: Free listings are just that, free listings. Just because a business chooses to utilize a free listing on Lake Tahoe Wedding Guide, it DOES NOT make them any less when it comes to quality, compared to a featured business. These businesses are just choosing the free listing option. You will see affiliate ads attached to free listings that will be clearly visible and labeled as “advertisement” on the listing…Lake Tahoe Wedding Guide will paid a small commission on these advertisements.

Lake Tahoe Wedding Guide Email Marketing

Should you choose to opt in to our email news letters, Lake Tahoe Wedding Guide includes affiliate links and or featured listings in our news letters. These will be clearly marked as follows: Affiliates will be marked as “sponsored advertising” and our businesses that choose a “featured listing” will be marked as “featured listing.”

In the end of things. The FTC requires us to disclose this information to you, we would disclose it to you anyways. We only choose affiliates or 3rd party networks that we feel will deliver the quality that you deserve. If at anytime, you utilize a 3rd party network link or a affiliate product and it does not meet your standards, please let Lake Tahoe Wedding Guide know by emailing us and we will remove those listings from our website…we want happy users, not disappointed users!