7 Tips for a Lake Tahoe Destination Wedding


Lake Tahoe Destination Wedding Tips

Planning your Lake Tahoe wedding from a distance can be difficult. It’s not like you’re in Tahoe and just go by a location to check it out right now. Try some of this tips when planning your Lake Tahoe Destination Wedding.

Tip #1: Always consider the time of year in Lake Tahoe

All of our resorts and hotels in Lake Tahoe offer great deals for brides and grooms looking to get married in Lake Tahoe. However, if you’re planning a peak season wedding in Lake Tahoe (holidays, summer months), you should expect to pay higher prices. According to Best Lake Tahoe Hotels, they have seen prices skyrocket for peak season weddings! But, don’t let that discourage you. Best Lake Tahoe Hotels has seen many hotel owners will to negotiate a deal when it comes to bookings for weddings. It never hurts to ask.

Tip #2: Always book with a provider that meets your standards

If you’ve had several conversations with a particular location or are just not impressed with the level of service you’re getting, keep looking. Don’t let a owner tell you “we are the only ones in Lake Tahoe!” Because they are not the only ones. We hate to admit it, but we do have some businesses in Lake Tahoe that will force destination brides into believing that their resort or their service is the only one available at this time – forcing prices up. Business-is-business. This is why it’s very important for you to continue calling around and establish a list of places to see when you visit.

Tip #3: Research the requirements of obtaining a marriage certificate.

Since we are split between California and Nevada, make sure you find out the marriage certificate requirements. California has different requirements compared to Nevada. These requirements may not be much of a difference, but you don’t want any surprises on your big day.

Tip #4: Ample time

Be sure to give your friends and family ample time to prepare for your Lake Tahoe destination wedding by sending out save-the-date cards. This will give them time to search for the best deals on accommodation’s.

Tip #5: Choosing a wedding photographer

Lake Tahoe is one of the most photographed places in the world! So, make sure your photographer knows the venue you’re choosing. Many times while sitting around our local pubs, we always hear “oh I should have brought this camera or that lighting equipment because the sun was bright! So, always ask if they know the venue and if they have shot the venue before – ask to see photos!

Tip #6: Plan activities for your guests

Keeping your guests entertained before or after the wedding day is important. Lake Tahoe is a massive play ground and your guests may get overwhelmed in finding something to do. Have a list of resources your guests can look at to find things to do. A Lake Tahoe guide at EverythingTahoe.com is a good start.

Tip #7: Leave early

Now that you followed the above 6 tips. It’s time to pack! Come on up a few days early and finish the small details. Leave a open day before your wedding so you can relax, maybe even hit a spa!